Hocus Pocus Inspired Candle - Autumn Collection

Hocus Pocus Inspired Candle - Autumn Collection

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Welcome to our autumn collection and the first one is Hocus Pocus Inspired Candle. Yes we have brought the Sanderson sisters to the shop for autumn and Halloween and we really really love the candle we have created. 

Our Hocus Pocus candle has a gorgeous deep floral scent with notes of plum, rose and patchouli. The wax is white with swirls of pink and blue in it with silver glitter running through. 

Our Hocus Pocus candle comes in two fab sizes a 4oz and a 7oz and we have also created a 2oz set of Hocus Pocus, Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas to go with these limited edition candles. 

Each candle comes with our exclusive bookworm candles touches. 

Nightmare Before Christmas has a pumpkin spiced latte scent and you can find the Corpse Bride scent on the individual listing.