Harry Potter Inspired Mini Tin Selection

Harry Potter Inspired Mini Tin Selection

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Here is our listing for our Harry Potter mini candle tins, 24 tins to choose from. I hope you find one you love ❤️

We have three options for you to choose and that's as followers: you can pick one tin or go for the surprise me option and we choose it for you.

We have the three tin option where you can pick there tins of your choice or again you can choose the surprise me options and we pick three tins for you.

Or lastly the six tin options where you can pick six individual tins of your choosing or like before go for the surprise me option and we will pick the six tins.

Here are the selection you can order:
⭐️ Harry - pumpkin spice, cedarwood and courage.
⭐️ Hermione - peppermint, parchment & intellect.
⭐️ Ron - ginger, black tea & loyalty
⭐️ Dumbledore - lemon drops, elder, Phoenix feathers and memories.
⭐️ Ginny - Jasmine, vanilla and quaffle balls.
⭐️ Snape - lilies, devotion and bravery.
⭐️ The burrow - wild mint, tea, gnomes and home.
⭐️ Shell cottage - cornish sea salt and warm vanilla.
⭐️ Hogsmeade - freedom, cranberries and plums.
⭐️ Neville - chamomile, lavender and gillyweed.
⭐️ Draco - choices,manor houses and green tea.
⭐️ Luna - white peach, nargles and dancing.
⭐️ Slytherin - cunning, ambition and sandalwood.
⭐️ Hufflepuff - hard work, patience and coconut.
⭐️ Ravenclaw - wit, steady minds & violets.
⭐️ Gryffindor- bravery, daring & cedarwood.
⭐️ Gillyweed - herbs, river rushes and gills.
⭐️ Patronus charm - dreams, wishes and smiles.
⭐️ Butterbeer - vanilla, caramel and fun.
⭐️ Pumpkin juice - spice, autumn leaves and early mornings.
⭐️ Dobby - clean clothes, sunshine and friends.
⭐️ Polyjuice potion - changes, disguise and green leaves.
⭐️ Fleur Delacour - rose, sugared violets and hair swishes.
⭐️ Fred & George - mischief, rosemary and laughter.

All our tins are made from high quality ingredients including high quality fragrance and essential oils as well as premium eco soya wax and weigh roughly 2oz. We really hope you like all the options you have and have fun picking your favourites.

Too make your selection please just select the amount of tins you would like and add a note to me about the individual candle scents/characters you have chosen. Also please be aware because of the nature of the selection of the mini tins they are made to order so may take longer than stated to ship. If you are in a hurry please free to drop me a note and let me know.

Also bare in mind these are sample size and may not fill the room with scent when burning.