Nevernight - Bookshelf Candle Range.
Nevernight - Bookshelf Candle Range.

Nevernight - Bookshelf Candle Range.

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'The brighter the light the deeper the shadow' (Jay Kristoff)

Intoroducing to our bookshelf range, our nevernight candle inspired by of course Nevernight by Jay Kristoff I absolutely loved Mia and mr kindly and this candle represents them both perfectly.

Smelling like shadows, pale daughters and cinnamon this candle has a unique spicy warm scent and has notes of cinnamon bark, Amber and precious woods.

With all our unique touches Our Nevernight candle comes in 7oz and 4oz candle jars. If you love this candle we can create it for you in our 11oz wooden wick candle jar as a request 

We always use high quality materials and ingredients to create our candles and this Nevernight candle is no different.

**Please note: Each style of candle will vary to suit your chosen sized candle including slight alterations to the artwork. If you have any queries before ordering, please do not hesitate to contact us.