Big, Small, Little, Large You Decide.

Welcome to the sizing page. This is the where you will find out a little more about our different sizes and selections. 
Above you will see our 2oz mini starter candle tin. Each tin has a gorgeous full size label on the lid and a super cute crochet band and button around the edge. 
Above you will see our 4oz candle jar super cute with a wrap around label and lid quote as well as our usual crochet finish and button. 
Above is our 7oz jar, complete with crochet band and charm with a wrap label and lid quote. Most of our 7oz candle jars come with a book page button or a charm, depending on the range. 
Our gorgeous 11oz jars not only come with all the trimmings our 7oz comes with but we have added a wooden wick into the mix so it has a beautiful flickering flame. 
Special Ranges and Jars. 
Our first specialist item is our Myths and Legends Range tins. Coming in rose gold tins with gorgeous detailed wrap labels and stunning lid details. Also not only does the Myths Range come with a crochet band but it also comes with a super cute rose gold charm. 
Our love blended candle range range comes in an array of sizes but by far my favourite is our deluxe jar. A massive 14oz jar with a double wick gorgeous crochet band, initial charms and beautiful labels. 
Above is our Hastags Edition Range and it comes in super cute square 2oz tins. Now these tins have a double wick and a pearl slider on the crochet band as a point of different for this range. 
Above is our 8oz triple wick tin. This tin is perfect for anyone who falls in love with a certain scent or character, location or moment. Coming with a large gorgeous label as well as a wrap around quote. 
Lastly is a brand new range coming to us and it’s called Lights Camera Action Range and it’s inspired by amazing tv and films I know you are going to love. Coming in square jars with front labels and lid quotes and finished with ribbon bands and super cute sliders.