Book Boyfriend Mini Starter Tin Collection.
Book Boyfriend Mini Starter Tin Collection.

Book Boyfriend Mini Starter Tin Collection.

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Our mini candle tins are here and this is how it works.

These are our our book boyfriend 2oz mini starter candle tins and we have 25 varieties in stock. We have all of our favourite book beau's in cute mini tin, all with individual touches and scent.

We have three options for you to choose and that's as followers: you can pick one tin or go for the surprise me option and we choose it for you.
We have the three tin option where you can pick there tins of your choice or again you can choose the surprise me options and we pick three tins for you.
Or lastly the six tin options where you can pick six individual tins of your choosing or like before go for the surprise me option and we will pick the six tins.

The boys and there description are as follows:
šŸ’™ Rhysand - rain, salt and sunrise
šŸ’™ Azriel - spymaster, shadows and cobalt
šŸ’™ Cassian - wind, flame and protection
šŸ’™ Peeta - bread, dandelion and calmness
šŸ’™ Rowan - ice, green vines and pine
šŸ’™ Dorian - glass chips, petit grain & book pages
šŸ’™ Sam - crisp white shirt, pebbles and tenderness
šŸ’™ Aedion - morning dew, turquoise and rose
šŸ’™ Kaz leather gloves, crows feathers and heart
šŸ’™ Kai - honesty, sacrifice and white woods
šŸ’™ Thorne - charm, loyalty and the rampion
šŸ’™ Jem - sugar, angel feathers and rosewood
šŸ’™ Will - blue ink, duck feathers and lavender
šŸ’™ Jace - mango, fighting gear and wit
šŸ’™ Julian - sea glass, cloves and soap
šŸ’™ Khalid - sun warmed sandalwood & compassion
šŸ’™ Harry - pumpkin spice, cedarwood and courage
šŸ’™ Ron - ginger, black tea and loyalty
šŸ’™ Draco - choices, the Manor House and green tea
šŸ’™ Mr Darcy - citrus spice, nobility and bewitching
šŸ’™ The Darkling - shadows, jasmine and power
šŸ’™ Gansey - mint leaves, style and journal scribbles
šŸ’™ Ronan - raven feathers, tattoos and middle finger salutes
šŸ’™ Percy - seaweed, lime and blue food
šŸ’™ Book Boyfriend (from our just a little bookish range)

All our tins are made from high quality ingredients including high quality fragrance and essential oils as well as premium eco soya wax. We really hope you like all the options you have and have fun picking your favourites.

Too make your selection please just select the amount of tins you would like and add a note to me about the selection you have chosen. Also please be aware because of the nature of the selection of the mini tins they are made to order so may take longer than stated to ship. If you are in a hurry please free to drop me a note and let me know.